Join us for worship - Sundays at 9 a.m.

[Fear not!] 4-16-2017 Fear tears through us - especially fear of death, but the resurrection of Jesus brings new hope and joy.

[King of glory] 4-9-2017 We may not have a king today in our world but Jesus comes as the King and invites us to join his kingdom.

[Heavenly worship] 4-2-2017 What is heavenly worship like and can we enter into it? Absolutely!

[Buy Buy Buy!] 3-26-2017 The danger of being neither hot nor cold.

[Open doors everywhere] 3-19-2017 Opportunities to bless are around us all the time - so also are closed doors.

[Wake up] 3-12-2017 It's time to wake up to the reality of the life God has called us to.

[Refreshed] 2-26-2017 Are you a follower of Jesus? He will bring refreshment and renewal into your life!

[Hold Fast] 3-5-2017 Jesus warns us about the great dangers within the church itself.  

[Refreshed] 2-26-2017 Are you a follower of Jesus? He will bring refreshment and renewal into your life!

[False teaching] 2-19-2017 Who is Jesus to you? What do most people think about Him in America?

[Taking a stand] 2-12-2017 Fear not as you take a stand for serving the Lord Jesus. The battle belongs to the Lord!

[First love] 2-5-2017 Return to your first love of Jesus!

[Shining the light] 1-29-2017 First sermon of a series on the book of Revelation.

[Making sense of miracles] 1-22-2017 What is the purpose of miracles and their power?

[Overcoming fear] 1-15-2017 The story of 12 spies reveals how fear can keep us from God's will for our lives.

[Attitude check] 1-8-2017 Attitude is crucial when bringing the Gospel to our world!

About this site

Located in Mankato, MN, Word of Life is a small but very enthusiastic and warm church of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations (AFLC). We are not a synod but an association meaning that each congregation is autonomous.

Our focus is first on the Word of God - the Bible. We believe that these are God's inspired words and therefore the Scripture is inerrant and will never fail us. We depend on God to feed and teach us through His Word through preaching, teaching, small group and private Bible study.

Second, we focus on the worship of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. He is the central person in all of history. His death on the cross and resurrection opened the door so that we can have access to God and can worship Him. Therefore, much of our time together  is focussed on the worship of our precious Lord. We do this through hymns of the church, liturgy, contemporary music written in recent years, prayer, and testimonies of God's mighty deeds. All are means of glorifying Jesus.

Third, we are missions minded. We support several missionaries in foreign fields and have even ventured on a short-term mission trip to Poland in recent years. Supporting missionaries through prayer is vital.

Finally, prayer is at the foundation of all we do. We believe God is at work in powerful ways through the prayers of his people. Our focus is not only on praying for one another, but also for our neighborhood, city and country.

We are a place where you will be warmly welcomed. More than anything, we want you and others to meet the Lord, to learn at his feet and give him glory. Join us in this wonderful privilege!

Word of Life is located on the south edge of Mankato on Stoltzman Road on the intersection of 200th street (3 miles south of Stadium Road).

(See map under "contact us.")